Squeezed or Solid: The Best Way to Consume Fruits

Squeezed or Solid: The Best Way to Consume Fruits
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Ever thought about switching up your eating habits? If you’re like most of us, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably: “I should eat more fruits!” And why not? They’re delicious, nutritious, and oh-so-refreshing.

But here’s a juicy question for you: If you’re looking to snack healthier or cut down on those calories, should you reach for that whole fruit or pour yourself a glass of its juice?

What is juicing and what’s left behind?

In the world of health and nutrition, juicing refers to the method of squeezing out the liquid essence of fruits, leaving behind the solid parts. This extracted juice is brimming with most of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. However, there’s a catch: the process leaves behind fiber, a crucial component found in the solid remnants.

Apple Juice vs Apple Slices

They said an apple a day may keep the doctor away. So, let’s take apple as the case of example.

Imagine you have a bottle of cold-pressed apple juice in one hand and a big bowl of apple slices in the other. That bottle of juice? It’s basically an apple minus all its fiber. You could easily gulp down that juice in a few seconds. But to match the calories in that juice, you’d probably need to munch through almost five cups of apple slices! ????

Now, think about it: Which one would make you feel more full? The apple slices, right? But why?

The Joy of Chewing

Every apple slice requires some good old chewing. Foods rich in fiber, like our apple slices, make you chew more, which means you eat slower. This not only gives you time to enjoy your food but also makes you feel fuller. Plus, all that chewing produces more saliva and stomach juices.

The Stomach’s Stretchy Signals

When you eat a bunch of apple slices, you’re adding extra fluid to your stomach. Your stomach contains special stretch receptors that detect this fullness. When they sense the pressure, they send “I’m full!” signals to your brain. As a result, you might feel less inclined to eat more apples.

The Magic of Fiber

When you eat all those apple slices, the fiber can form a gel-like substance in your stomach. This slows down the rate at which the apple slices leave your stomach, making you feel full for longer. On the other hand, apple juice, which lacks this fiber, just zooms right through!

It’s Not Just About Eating, It’s About Absorbing

Apple juice gets absorbed super quickly, causing a rapid spike in our blood sugars. But the sugar in apple slices? It’s released more slowly. The cool thing is, our bodies can only absorb nutrients that touch our intestinal walls. Fiber, which we don’t absorb, can trap some of those calories, ensuring they never enter our system. So, even if two diets have the same calories, the one with more fiber might help you lose more weight!

The Amazing Fat and Starch Blocker

The fiber in apple slices doesn’t just trap sugars. It’s like a superhero that also blocks fats and starches!


Next time you’re reaching for a snack, remember: whole fruits not only offer a tasty treat but also come packed with benefits that their juiced counterparts might not. So, why not enjoy the crunch and reap the benefits? Happy munching!


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