Highlight and Review: Surrounded by Setbacks

Surrounded by Setbacks Book Cover

Author: Thomas Erikson

Genre: self-help book

Publication date: 5 October 2021

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

Number of pages: 320 pages


There will always be a point of our life where we have tried our best but life is not on our side. We fed up by motivational quotes or advice to keep trying from our family and colleague. We have been trying our best but it is what it is. Of course we don’t want to read another piece of book asking you to work hard because we have worked our ass off but life just inevitably hits us hard.

Then, I think this book is all we need.

Starting the obvious fact that life is as it is, Thomas Erikson also tells us the bitter, unexpected, and uncontrolled situation that commonly happens in our life. He helps us to turn these challenges in life into success, starts from realizing that we cannot control something that throws our life away, then how we react and handle things, stop complaining, and finding the best approach that suits with us.


  • Getting stuck in negative tracks can totally disturb your mental focus and make all the setbacks you encounter feel bigger and more serious. So just drop these little irritants. Ignore them if they’re not worth dealing with.
  • Deal with setbacks by putting them in perspectives. Accept that they come, but make sure that you don’t act like you’re on the edge of a precipe of despair every time something negative happens.
  • “Five-plus-five rule”: if something won’t make a difference in 5 years’ time, then don’t spend more than five minutes being upset about it.

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

Winston Churcill
  • The delightful thing about us humans is that not everything works for everybody.
  • What makes one individual successful is not necessarily the same as what makes his or her friend succesful. However, there are certain things that are universal. And the most important is to know how you personally define success and why is it so important to be successful.
  • Do what is important to you and do it for your own sake. Not just so you can show off to others because the moment you do it, you’ll be judged and often found wanting.
  • Your biggest fan is somebody you don’t know. But your greatest hater is probably somebody you know.
  • Negative experiences linger in our memories. One way of balancing them is keep track of the positive things. So start your won list of successes today!
  • If you want to go from setback to success, you need to kick up the speed for a while. Work harder on your goal decriptions, your habits, keep a better check on your own ideas and the people sround you.
  • Life will always throw you curveballs but it’s how you respond that counts.


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