Book Tracks: My Reading and Note-Taking Guide

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Have you ever paused and thought about those ‘what if’ moments? For me, one of those moments is tied to my childhood and teenage years—I wish I had written down my thoughts on the books I read. Growing older has taught me that books are truly full of wisdom, offering perspectives that are applicable in real life. Forgetting the insights I’ve gained from them feels like a double loss, both intellectually and emotionally.

But, nothing is ever too late, right? So, here’s how I get my hands on the recommended books, how I’ve decided to keep track of them, and how I document the highlights for future reference – and, of course, to share with all of you!

Finding Which Book(s) to Read

In my search for good books that are both interesting and informative, I look through several places to find ones that really grab my attention:

This is my main spot for finding non-fiction books. Rather than getting swayed by the star ratings, I focus on the essence of the books. What’s the story? Will it pique my curiosity? That’s what matters to me.

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Curious about the favorite reads of people you look up to? GoodBooks is a great website where well-known people share their book preferences. And somehow, I feel like it’s like getting a sneak peek into their minds! It gives me ideas on what might inspire them in their writing.

  • Social media platform

I also keep an eye on what my favorite authors are sharing on their blogs and social media. Sometimes they share a peek perspective on certain topics and citated the books. From there, I mostly curious to read more. So there, another interesting book goes on to my want-to-read list.

Reading Tools

As someone who’s always on the move, I’ve embraced the digital age of reading with open arms. While I adore physical books for their aesthetic charm, ebooks are a nomad’s best friend, allowing me to revisit ideas anytime, anywhere. Of course, I still love to visit secondhand book store in every city that I visit. I also keep my dream of having my own library at home. Here I am being realistic, ebooks is my go-to best alternatives for my hobby.

So, let’s talk about how I keep my reading game strong and portable.

  • Apple Books, Apple Pencil, and iPad

They are my holy trinity for reading ebooks. The convenience of Apple Books, paired with the seamless use of an Apple Pencil, makes highlighting a breeze—just like using a traditional highlighter, but cooler (because I can remove the highlight anytime).

Who says I buy every book? Thanks a lot to my local public library that still give access to people who love to read by ebook through Libby. It allows me to borrow ebooks, manage my loans, and yes, even though highlighting takes a bit of patience (not as seamless as Apple Books-Apple Pencil in combined), it’s still worth it.

Taking Notes

The essence of taking notes was to prevent the slip of knowledge through the cracks of memory. Documenting insights and memorable quotes enables me to reflect and reference in the future.

Look at all the markdown of keywords that I have written down from all the book that I have read!

My digital brain for capturing all the highlighted sections from my reads. Obsidian’s markdown feature is brilliant for organizing thoughts and connecting the dots across various topics and perspectives allowing for a comprehensive understanding. It’s interesting how the same topics are discussed in various way by different author. It’s a reminder to stay curious and critical.

The backbone of my reading lists, quotations database, and blog drafts. Its structured yet aesthetically pleasing environment is perfect for managing content and planning posts. It’s where I craft the drafts and schedule them, ensuring a coherent and engaging presentation of each book on my blog and social media.

This method guarantees that each book is appropriately featured and discussed on my blog and social media platform.

And there you have it, the sneak peek to my reading journey! Whether it’s discovering new books, enjoying them digitally, or sharing thoughts and notes, each step is a chapter in love story with books. I hope this peek behind the curtain inspires you to create your own reading adventures.

Happy reading (and taking notes!!)!


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